Episode 14 of The RMA podcast welcomes Hanny Allston. Hanny is a well known Australian trail, sky runner and ultra runner, orienteer world Champion, coach, tour guide, author, podcaster, speaker, business woman and owner of Find Your feet trail store in Tasmania. In this podcast we share some of her story from growing up on a farm as a child, competing in her racing career on the world stage, navigating grief and trauma in her life, and overcoming an eating disorder, to becoming an adult and learning what made her heart sing. We discuss how we can perform and live wilder, how we perceive success, and how we can live a life where we can truly find our authentic self in our passions and adventures.This podcast also goes into Hanny’s feelings on motherhood as she prepares to enter this space as a first time mum in the coming months. 

This podcast will be a two-part series. 

Hanny is an author of two books.The Trail Running Guidebook and her most recent memoir “Finding My Feet, My story”. You can purchase these at www.findyourfeet.com.auor www.hannyallston.com.au. As listeners of the RMA podcast you can take advantage of 20% off at www.findyourfeet.com.au for the month of December 2020 by using the code LISTENWILDER.

May this podcast help you to as Hanny says BE WILDER. PLAY WILDER. PERFORM WILDER.You can also follow Hanny on Instagram at @hanny.allstonYou can view the Find Your Feet Australia store at @Find Your FeetAnd Wilder Trails at @Wilder_Trails

This podcast episode is sponsored by fisiocrem Australia Australia and FIND YOUR FEET . #runningmumsaustralia#thermapodcast

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