In 2018 Sarah Terrill had just run her 3rd half marathon at the Run Melbourne festival when she noticed a blister on the back of her shoulder. This blister was actually a mole and she showed showed her father who was a plastic surgeon for over 40 years. Sarah’s dad saw this mole and he was quite alarmed and sent her off to a specialist. This mole was actually an aggressive malignant melanoma. Sarah had had all the necessary treatment required for this melanoma initially, however fast forward to 2020, Sarah had some signs that there may be something major wrong. Sarah’s melanoma had spread to her spine, lungs and brain. Sarah was now diagnosed with Stage 4 Malignant Melanoma.

During this episode we talk to Sarah about her journey battling stage 4 melanoma. We talk about what it is like living with cancer and how she shares that experience with those she loves. We talk to Sarah about her journey as a runner, and also the things she looks forward to the most in life, especially when you feel like your days are numbered.

This conversation will leave you inspired and make you question your own choices around sun safety and together create awareness around how to avoid skin cancer.

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