Are you working harder than you ever have this past fortnight?  Are you running less than you ever have this past fortnight?  Are you sleeping less than you ever have this past fortnight?  If you answered yes to 3 questions you are not alone.  That’s me right now.

Fortunate to be working I’m working twice as much, juggling Pete’s needs and learning requirements, trying to avoid being transfixed on the news channels and worrying about everyone in the family staying safe. 

I’ve set a new goal of getting 10km done, 6 times per week.  Now is the time to do light exercise.  Not the time to put yourself under any stress and allow the body to be fighting anything that comes our way rather than building muscle after high intensity work – stay healthy mums.

It’s been so amazing all the messages of support I’ve received after the IOC made the final decision to postpone the Olympics.  Optimistically we have time now to take a break, rejuvenate and find our best in over a year from now!  It’s actually quite exciting to know we still have the opportunity to run at the Tokyo 2020 Games, in 2021!  A celebration of humankind in 2021 and hopefully my best result yet!  

Speaking with Nicole this week we thought it’d be great to share a blog with you that I wrote for LinkedIn as the ideas are relevant for all us mums as we all work from home.  Perhaps some of these ideas can help!

As a 3 time Olympian (with a qualification for Tokyo 2021), Mum to a Primary School boy (Peter) and IBM consultant of almost 20 years I’m in the fortunate position of being well experienced in working remotely. I’ve been juggling study, work, elite running and more recently family life for over half my time on the planet and working from home whilst wearing multiple hats is business as usual. 

I wanted to share my top 3 starters for adopting a “New Way of Working – From Home”. My top 3 have helped me over the years with the struggle of the juggle. I am confident they will help my fellow teammates, our client workforce and athletes alike make our way through this surreal time, together.  

1. Plan your day as a family unit  

When we learned of Pete’s school closing, I quickly sprang into action and sat with him to create a set of activity cards. These have been a blessing to structure our day. The activity provided an opportunity to do something creative together, use his fine motor skills, enhance his design and computer skills, help him learn how to plan and set goals. But most importantly, he has a little bit more control over his day as he selects his favourite activities. It is by far an easier way to manage the balance between work and play.  

These cards provide calm and balance for my husband and I as we work together in Corporate jobs, swapping our breaks for Pete’s learning and remaining focused on taking care of the people in our teams and our client needs. If you’d like the template, please reach out any time. 

2. Find your 3 stars  

Despite the ups and downs each day will bring spend a few minutes of reflection before the day is over to find at least 3 stars in your day. Share your stars and hand out stars to your teammates throughout the day too. I’ve found myself smiling many times this week as we send stars to each other over virtual channels!

While on the phone just now to friend and fellow IBM teammate I had a knock at the door. The team from Gippsland Dairy dropped 8 slabs of yoghurt as a care package for our family. A star for the joy of the phone call with my IBM teammate and a star for the thoughtfulness of Gippsland Dairy. Start your 3-star challenge today and you’ll be amazed at the impact! #the3starchallenge 

3. Keep active  

It goes without saying but find 20 minutes per day to do something active. With the recent news of the Olympic Games being postponed, my level of commitment to training has taken a nosedive from extreme to light. Light physical activity is perfect right now for mental health and enhanced immune function. Avoid anything that is over strenuous.

Yesterday we finished our day with 20 minutes of “Freeze Dancing” around the lounge room to Pete’s favourite songs. We acted like excavators, picked up air garbage as garbage trucks and raced like monster trucks! Not only did we exercise, we laughed and laughed. For ideas on activities that can be completed at home and with children, feel free to subscribe to my Instagram @lisaweightman where I’ll be sharing ideas from our home and those of my peers. 

Stay connected friends – we are a team! This morning I read the quote below from our @IBM Instagram. I’ve printed it and it’s sitting right here on my desk as we help more and more businesses, communities and teammates through this challenge. The one word that I’ve made bold which I have recited over and over during the exhausting moments and the moments of anxiety is “TOGETHER”! #ibm-anz-working-remote

“Together, as a community, we can find our way through this.” 

Stay Safe!

Lisa Weightman, RMA Ambassador.