When I think about last weekend’s RunWest Event I can’t help but smile. The event was absolutely amazing!

I loved supporting a local event, and loved being a part of an inaugural event, and most of all loved the opportunity to participate in an event with my family.

Setting up our ‘flat us’ the night before made my heart skip a beat, my girls had their race bibs attached to their RMA Kids T-shirts are were so excited to be entering a real event! I was running the 12km event and then planned to meet my family to run the 4km event together.



The morning started early, it was dark and cold when I met Jen and Courtney at the train station and we started chatting, then hopped on the train. A quick shuttle ride to the start line of the 12km event and we were off running. It was all very smooth and organised.

Sydney Motorsport Park put on a beautiful sunrise as we ran on the track, then we were out and heading towards the new Sydney Zoo. Although there was no animals in the zoo as yet, it was great to see the progress and a little taste of what’s to come. Before I knew it we were opposite Blacktown Sports Complex and faced with a massive hill! It almost got me, but a big cheer from behind from another RMA saying “Go RMA, we’ve got this!” gave me the push I needed to get to the top.

Seeing the finish line flags ahead and the people lining the sides was a great sight, another shout out from an RMA family on the sidelines and I was through the archway. Lots of volunteers were ready with water and directions to RunWest HQ.

After collecting my medal and catching up with friends, a I had a quick chat and photo with Anna Fitzgerald, a truly inspirational lady who I’ve admired for so long, and was grateful for her time, then we were on the shuttle heading back to the 4km start to find our family.

It was all big smiles from my girls and husband who had teamed up with Katie Lack and her kids and had an amazing time exploring the kids sport area and collecting lots of goodies. Before we knew it we were in the start chute and off on our 4km adventure.



Out on the course there was lots of smiles and happy families, the Bollywood dancers were an amazing sight after the big hill! We ran a bit and walked a bit to the finish line, then sprinted to the archway. Once again lots of volunteers were on hand handing out water and offering help with directions. When we reached RunWest HQ and collected our medals we explored the various stalls at the Expo. The zoo animals were a definite hit with our girls, and we loved the Daily Telegraph podium stall where we had a photo together. Then it was time to head up to the food vans and there was lots of choice for something to eat.


Overall we had a fantastic day, the early morning transport was perfect, minimal queues and lots of volunteers giving directions on where to go. I loved both courses, loved the atmosphere, loved the option of a family length event and really loved the entertainment before and after for the kids.



The medals are absolutely stunning and surprisingly heavy! A big “Thank you” to the organisers, the thousands of volunteers and all the RMA support in both events, there were so many visors, singlets and RMA smiles out there.



We will definitely be back next year, and we’re looking forward to going to the zoo once it opens and sharing more family time together.


For more information and to keep up with next years event dates visit www.runthewest.com.au


Lisa Dewberry.