I recently started a new job and I’ve spent a bit of time reflecting on how I can be more efficient with my time. With only 24 hours in a day, how can I get the most of every minute without letting any balls drop. So here are 5 ways I’ve become more time efficient:

1. Make my runs count
Because I don’t currently have the time to dedicate to longer kms I need to make what I do count. Some of my runs are done half in the morning and half at night.   When I get out for 5km I run every second km fast with the next km a recovery one. This way I’m getting my heart rate up a little higher and working a little harder thereby giving me more bang for my buck in half an hour.
2. Do strength in small blocks
I struggle to fit in an entire strength session so I’ve broken my strength training into 3 small 5-10 minute sets. I do one when I wake up, one at lunch or during the day or when I get home home (basically whenever I can) and one before I go to bed. This way it’s actually doable and I can fit in strength every day.
3. Filing not urgent emails and calls for later
I’ve taken to filing all emails into a not urgent folder if they don’t need to be dealt with immediately. I then get on a stationary bike (a bike on a wind trainer would work) and I deal with my emails, social media and other life admin while I exercise. This way I can train and get jobs ticked off at once. And yes I’m writing this article on the bike….
4. Pack running gear in the car
I’ve found at the kids cricket on a Saturday I can usually get a run in during their game and likewise during training. It’s about grabbing any opportunity you can in the small slots of time that present themselves. Be ready at any time.
5. Make healthy meals in advance
On Sundays I cook and organise Monday and Tuesday dinners, lunch and afternoon tea for the kids so at least I know we will start the week right. I’ve made it part of my Sunday routine and it’s made the world of difference.
I’m keen to know how other mums do it and if you have any tips and tricks to share? It’s always a juggle with kids and training, so the more hacks we can share the better! Happy running.
By Ana Croger
Ana is a wife, busy mum of three small children, RMA Ambassador, and part time lawyer and resides in Brisbane.