It’s been an amazing year both personally for me with my running and watching RMA’s smash their goals all around this country we call Australia and beyond. Phenomenal everyday women, unleashing their strength and potential to chase those dreams and build an amazing community of support and inspiration.

Whether your journey has been one of triumph, or the despair of injury, we know that the collective power of RMA and what it does for others stays strong. It connects us with other women on a level that some would never even dream possible. It inspires us to try things that we may never have dreamed of achieving and it equips us with the army of support that stands behind us when we decide to put our best foot forward and chase those running dreams.

For now, being at the end of the year, it is a time to reflect on the year that was. I will go first.

2017 was an amazing year. Personally it took me from the depth of injury (a calf tear and subsequent stress reaction in my tibia) to the heights of NSW biggest Mountains at Ultra Trail Australia 50k for the second time, then onto the screams of support in my fastest half marathon at the Gold Coast Marathon, then to the Golden sands of Airlie Beach Running Festival, and to the technical trails of my second Glenbrook Trail Marathon before triumphing in my first 100k race in the scenic trails and coastal wonder of the Surf Coast Century in Victoria. Then onto the stunning views over the Barossa in South Australia at the Runaway Barosssa marathon, then traversing the challenging new trail, The Bouddi Run in Northern NSW, and finally finishing the year off with the most amazing half marathon I have ever run at the Queenstown Marathon in New Zealand in my first international event.

There has also been countless parkruns, local events and thousands of kilometres of training in-between which have taught me that the journey is great, and that the lessons keep coming.

If I have learned anything this year it is that I have strength I didn’t know I had. That I have a lot more goals that are yet to be met, but that when I am supported and surrounded like I have been, they are just that much more achievable.

The connections I have made with other RMA women in 2017 have been the best so far in my four year journey here. These women are my tribe. They are my people. I couldn’t imagine my life without them. The connection with them goes much deeper than just running. That is just the vehicle that brought them to me.

So, my advice for 2018 is to find that one thing that makes your heart flutter and go and chase after it. It might be a parkrun PB, a half marathon goal, your first marathon or your very first trail run. Maybe you want to run an ultra, maybe you want to climb the highest mountain you can find, maybe you want to do an international event. Whatever it is, have the belief in yourself to start. Commit to the training, surround yourself with a tribe of support and you are half way to your goal; actually I really believe the tribe is of utmost importance to your success.

Write a list to help you on your way. It could be something like this….

*What did I love about my training in 2017?

*What did I hate about my training in 2017?

*How could I improve my performance in 2018?

*What is my dream race, and can I get there next year?

*I am a strong runner because……

*I am thankful for ………….in my running journey in 2017

*This is my A goal, this is my B goal, this is my C goal for 2018.

Put this list up somewhere where you can see it, read it, reflect on it and live it moving into 2018, and whenever you lace up those shoes, know that 30,000+ other women are right behind you sister.


Or you could do something like this:

{Print this out. Take a pic of it and you and post it up in RMA and stick it on your fridge!}


Thank you for a wonderful year.

Let’s make 2018 great.

Nicole X