River Run100 has again exceeded all expectations as a well run community event and was well represented by RMA.

In its 5th year this local event is becoming popular for South East Queensland distance runners with individual events in 10km, 20km, 50km and 100km, and team relay events for the 50km and 100km distance.

“Team RMA” (Kelly, Tina, Mel and I) nominated for the 100km team challenge. We decided to do 5km loops in the hope that would make our time faster overall. What we probably hadn’t factored in was the hilly 5km course and the crowds of people that would be at Southbank throughout the day….

Sunday morning we arrived early, set up camp and set off on our journey. Now our first two RMA runners are absolute legends of the Qld running community and had in fact placed second in a relay the night before, so while I was still rubbing sleep from my eyes, Kelly and Tina smashed out the first 10km at a blistering speed. Mel was next and in 22mins was back and it was my turn. This pretty much set our pace for the day. 

Between runs we had the privilege of cheering on a number of amazing RMA in the 10km, 20km and 50km events and some local legends in the individual 100km, and as always what you witness out there on course and within our community brings tears to my eyes at every event. I’m not being cliché when I say that RMA and the running community is so special in ways that I can’t quite put into words

The race is run along the Brisbane River and winds through South Bank parklands and as the sun came up and the day warmed up, we continued on pace dodging more and more people, dogs, scooters, bikes and any form of random transport you can possibly imagine. 

On Tina’s third lap we realised she was about 4-5 mins slower than she had been previously (still crazy fast by normal person terms). Tina had been hit by a bike on the bridge and the cyclist had a nasty cut to her head and had not gotten back up. Tina of course stoped the watch and helped until others could get the cyclist back on her bike. Thankfully Tina ran off uninjured. From here on in there were several near misses for all of us as the lunch time crowds packed the walk way.

It must have been about this time that we realised we were doing ok. Other teams had started coming over and asking us how we were doing. These 4 little Mums were in podium contention and all the male teams were getting worried…

Crossing the finish line together hand in hand as a team was an amazing experience.  I loved being part of this team. 100km in a time of 8 hours and 1 minute. We were 4th overall by 1 minute so we absolutely gave them a run for their money. We were first female team and the happiest group out there. I was so proud and honoured to be in a team with Tina, Kelly and Melissa. Each of these girls are phenomenal in their own right and it was a privilege to be their team mate. 

It was my first time as part of a relay team and I would recommend it as it gives you added incentive to not let your teammates down, and it is great to have their support. 

What’s next for the team? I need a few days to get over the soreness but the next challenge is set for 2018 and I can’t wait to be part of it!

Mums: dream big, believe it, achieve it!

Ana Croger

RMA Ambassador