I have a bucket list. Some things on my list are realistic goals and some are challenges. I didn’t think I would be brave or crazy enough to attempt some of the challenges but writing them down made them real.

Last weekends challenge was to compete and complete the Razorback Run. Mt. Hotham to Mt. Feathertop return – 22km. The weather was perfect, the support was positive and every single step was amazing.

I trained for 4 months juggling family commitments (2 kids under 5yrs old), part time work, my husbands full time work and summer sporting activities (but I feel that I am speaking to the converted in regards to challenges).

Using the RMA Facebook site as a sounding board, I enlisted the ‘brains trust’ to work out how I could find the time to train and complete such a task. I did it, with a lot of support but I did it.

An 8am start after a pre run briefing and equipment check the night before began my first trail run. My pack was so much bigger than everyone elses, the food I chose was very different and my equipment was nothing fancy. I observed and learnt.


Thermals were worn as it was 0 degrees and I’m glad I took my bigger jacket as the wind was blowing sideways on parts of the trail. 10 km of a one lane trail, a 1km climb straight up the second highest mountain in Victoria and then back to the start again.

Trips, falls, a very impressive tuck and roll tumble with an audience of bushwalkers, a self created overtaking lane, water, food, great conversations, new friends, support, walking where I needed to, plodding where I could and running felt free, amazing views, lots of positive self talk and the encouragement to dream big.

My aim to finish was achieved and now begins my love of trail running or as I like to call it, fast bushwalking. Bring on the Wilsons Prom 44km in June. I loved every moment of this experience.