Here is what is probably my last P file installment before the birth of my little girl I have now reached 37 weeks! The past 7 weeks have been filled with lots of walking and approx 2 runs a week. I haven’t really had an opportunity to get out much without my almost 3 year old in the pram and running with the pram isn’t as free an action as running without – I would definitely notice discomfort  in my pelvis and hips after a run pushing the pram.

The heat has also put a hold on me running too much, its important not to raise your core temperature too much while pregnant and very importnat to keep well hydrated – it has been really important to be sensible during the recent heatwave and as always listen to my body.


So to keep me moving and motivated during my third trimester I committed to an exercise challenge of 1000 minutes of exercise in January and I am pleased to say I have already made it to 900 minutes with a week to go ☺ A combination of walking, running and prenatal yoga have helped me to accumilate the hours.

Prenatal yoga has been amazing, I did it for about 12 weeks in my first pregnancy but hadn’t really found the time to commit this time around. My body and mind were starting to cry out for it more and more recently, so in the past few weeks I have been attending a 90 minute class weekly and practising at home…  in a word amazing! My body is very thankful for the stretching and additional mobility and I have more clarity of mind and what seems like a deeper connection to my baby… also the relaxation period at the end of the class is devine! Practising yoga is something I look forward to continuing following the birth; the benefits to my flexibilty, strength and wellbeing can only add a new dimension to my running.

My gestational diabetes continues to be well controlled by my diet however at my last antenatal appointment my blood pressure had started to creep up slightly. Having had preeclampsia and induction with my first pregnancy, I have my fingers crossed that I won’t have to go down that path again. Overall my health during this pregnancy, both physical and emotional has been great – obviously my controlled diet has played a part in this but being active and part of a supportive network of women has contributed significantly.


Writing this edition has made me reflect on my journey to here, I can’t say it has been all smooth sailing; gestational diabetes, SPD, buying and moving into our family home, some issues at work and running around after a toddler ☺ have added some challenges, however I feel as though this pregnancy has gone fairly quickly and I have really enjoyed all that is involved in growing a new life.

As I am coming to the end of my pregnancy I thought I would share some tips for running during pregnancy (caveat; I am by no means an expert just a mummy sharing what has worked for her)

  1. Always listen to your body  – if it doesn’t feel right stop
  2. Discuss your exercise program and intentions with your health professional
  3. Keep well hydrated
  4. Don’t  focus on times or distance – run for the freedom, endorphins and enjoyment – PBs will always be there later
  5. Invest in supportive clothing or garments – my go to staples have been SRC pregnancy shorts and Gabrialla support belt
  6. Stretch or practice yoga
  7. If you are comfortable share your journey with RMA – ask questions, show off your bump, be proud of your abilities and feel the love from the most wonderful mummy community

Outside my family and close friends, RMA has been along for the ride; 16,000 amazing women all supportive, encouraging and enthusiastically sharing journeys with each other. I wanted to say thank you – this journey has been truly enriched by your sincerity, interest, understanding, support and words. There are so many that I would like to thank personally; from all of the local ACT RMA ladies so many gorgeous women (Shareen, Bridget, Amy, Kathy, Renee, Leisel, Kaye, Belinda, Avril , Sheryn and others☺) to the other pregnant mummas and recently new mummas  (Kelly, Jodi, Chanelle, Rose, Briana, Natasha, Natalie, Kat, Glam, Alex and others) and to the dear friends I have made through this wonderful community particularly my firsts ☺ Debbie and Kelly-Ann. I could spend hours listing many many more of you, such a wonderful community. Lastly, I would like to thank Nicole because without you none of this would exist! I am sure each RMA member would agree that this community has added something unique to their lives. So thank you, for not only enriching my running life but also helping to enrich one of the most significant journeys of my life…