Can you believe that Obesity among Australian’s has more than doubled in the last 5 years? That statistics predict that by 2025, if current trends continue, 80% of Australians and a THIRD of Australian children will be obese or overweight! Its no wonder with the lifestyles that we have become accustomed to. Our society is one of convenience and excess and a lot of laying about. A lethal combination really. As mothers we have an obligation to make healthy choices for our children and to teach them how to live in a way that sets them up for a healthy long life, leading by example.

This is something that I have been thinking a lot about lately. With more and more RMA women sharing stories of lives changed within their family network through running I can’t help but hope that we have started something here. That we will see a shifting trend for Australian children away from obesity and lifestyle diseases and towards healthy long lives.

How people come to join RMA sometimes goes something like this….

1. You want to start running to get fit

2. You meet another runner, they are part of RMA.

3. You join the facebook group and then you join in for a group run with other RMA members.

4. You are sucked in to the constant discussion on facebook and the endless advice and encouragement and it leaves you wanting to get out and lace up each and every day…

5. You join your local park run as you can’t get enough and well, you want to hang with your new RMA friends.

6. You bring your children to park run too because that is a place where people feel connected and children are celebrated for their achievements and its like one big RMA party.

7. Then hubby comes along because he doesn’t want to be left out.

8. And before you know it you are a sworn in member of the RMA family and your family is forever changed…..

LOL….well, something like that.

In all honesty by lacing up your shoes and getting out there you are teaching your children some major lessons in life. You are teaching them that YOU matter. That dreams and goals are worth working hard for, that you value being fit and healthy and that you are committed and dedicated at making sure that you make the most of your time and training.

You’re teaching them that setbacks can happen (like if you are injured for example), but the attitude of not giving up and getting back out there when you return shows resilience and strength.

You’re teaching them that branching out and doing things out of their comfort zone is okay and that reward comes from being courageous.

You’re teaching them that health comes before xbox.

You’re teaching them that connection with others is way more important than any game that may entice them.

You’re teaching them that when they see the joy of the finish line on your face, that they can do that too. That they CAN have a go and that they CAN succeed.

Success isn’t in winning the race after all, its in starting and seeing it through.

I love seeing families committing to fitness together and lives being changed. Kids taking on their first fun runs, mini triathlons or parkruns. Kids being part of mum’s event and being at the finish line to cheer her on. Is there any greater gift than that?

To see the wonder on your children’s’ faces as you cross that line? In that moment, you just never know what hope you have instilled in their minds that they will take into their future. You mum, are taking the lead.