The time is upon us as we embark on our spring holidays yet again! For some of us that means nothing as we push on through working commitments, but to many of us mums who have the delight of our kids being at home with us in the holidays it means perhaps less available running time!

There are many things that we can do to help us get out there and get our training done regardless of it being school holidays and it just so happens that springtime is the perfect time for adjustments!

You see, springtime means that the sun rises earlier so you have a better chance of getting out early for a run with the sun rising a lot earlier than in the winter, so if you aren’t one to run in the dark, the sun will rise around 5:30 am which just so happens to be in my opinion the PERFECT time to run! So here are some perfect ways to get your holiday training in:

1. If your partner is at home or your kids are older, lace up early and get it done! There really are no excuses to not get out there and enjoy a sunrise while you pound the pavement or trail and trust me when you get home you will feel better for it, AND you can relax and eat breakky with your family because it’s the holidays and you don’t have to rush off anywhere!

2. Find a friend to mind your kids! If you aren’t an early riser and runner, there is bound to be another friend who is stuck at home wondering what on earth to do with their kids, so get them together for a play date and you go off for a run! You can take turns and then you both get one in! Win for you, win for the kids!

3. Use your street! If you can’t get away from the kids, or out early, or you have no friends to help out, get the kids out in the street and do some running! If you live in a hilly street do some hill reps! Get the kids to join in too or get them to time you! They will love it! If your not on a hill it’s the perfect sprint interval session for you!

4. Run with your kids! Take for a run around the block, at the park, in the pram, on the beach, it doesn’t matter where, just get out and get active!

5. If all else fails, get the kids out in the Sunshine for the day and when your partner returns that night, it’s your time to run!

Raising healthy active kids is a major part of what RMA aims to promote and inspire. Use the school holidays as a chance to encourage your kids to put down the technology, get outside and get moving! If running isn’t their thing, take them for a bush walk, a swim, a bike ride or even some rock climbing!

Let’s raise healthy, happy kids together to make their futures bright!