Final 200m of Melbourne marathon 2013-2

I think back to over the years from when I was running for fun and when I wanted to run my first half marathon. I remember downloading the training plan from the web and having really no idea what it meant and what I should be doing. I ran the race, and I did okay, but not without some injuries and stupidity along the way with my training.

When I signed up for my marathon, once again I went online and I found a plan that I thought was right for me. It told me what I wanted to hear that I would bring it home in the time that I wanted and so I hit print and I tried my best to follow it. That was until I started the sprint training and ended up side-lined for 2-3 weeks with a shin injury. Little did I know how to do sprints and do them properly and along with high mileage piled on top. I still ran my race and finished, but not without some setbacks due to lack of experience and support.

This time around, with a goal much harder than ever before I know that investing in a coach is something that I really need. Someone who can tailor a plan to me and how I want to run. Someone that will listen to my feedback and push me. Someone that I can actually talk to and let them know how that training run went, or what record I broke or what didn’t work for me. Someone to gain feedback and to give advice. Someone that believes in me and my goal.

Well just when these thoughts were going into my head, the universe spoke and the planets aligned and fellow running mum, Kate Heyward gained her formal qualifications. After a few emails and excitement RMA coaching was born through Coach Kate.

Running Mums Australia are pleased to welcome Kate Heyward to our team. Kate is a mum of two girls and a passionate runner. She is an accredited Athletics coach and Level 2 Intermediate Recreational Running Coach (Athletics Australia).

Kate is an amazing runner, having reached personal bests in 10k (40.39), half marathon (1.29.45) and marathon (3.09.41). She is also an avid trail runner and lover of nature.

Kate will develop you a plan, along with continual support, that will take you to your next running level and beyond.

Please follow the link to enquire about how Kate can work with you. Make sure you enter RMA in the promotion code on the form so that she knows you are a Running Mum Australia member!

So, are you looking for a training program to make you reach that next running goal? Maybe you have a half or full marathon you are training for, or maybe you just want to run faster or for longer. Have you been running for some time and really need to ramp it up to reach that goal you are after? Do you find it hard to motivate yourself and need someone to give you that extra push and make you believe that you can do it better? Do you want to run a certain time in an event but just don’t know how to write or maintain a training plan that can get you there?  Follow the links to RMA Coaching through Coach Kate today.