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In this first episode of the RMA podcast founder of Running Mums Australia, Nicole Bunyon shares this new exciting chapter of starting a podcast to highlight the many amazing stories in the RMA network of women who have an inspiring story to tell. We are excited to have you on this journey with us. To contact me if you have a story you would love featured, email me at For more information on RMA and what our network offers head to


In this episode of the RMA podcast I talk to RMA Ambassador, Brisbane mum of 3, runner, lawyer and sporting executive Ana Croger. We chat about all things motherhood, finding running, being a role model for our kids, women in leadership in sport, and how Ana went from her first steps to running the world and completing the Abbott World Marathon Majors. In this episode we discover that it isn’t always about the dreams that we accomplish, but the places, adventures and people that we meet along the way make all the difference to enrich our experience.

 To find out more about Ana and her world marathon majors experiences at Tokyo, Boston, Berlin, London, Chicago and New York, head to the RMA website, and search Ana Croger.

To ask Ana a question or follow her journey, you can find her on instagram at @analovestorun


This week on the RMA podcast, I talk to Luisa Bianchi about the beginnings of RMA, the scaffold of support that saw it materialise, and the experience of entering single parenthood, yet kicking goals in the process. We discuss how not losing our identity and dreams helps us build the resilience and strength to move forward in any situation. A conversation for all single parents who want to keep moving forward, and develop resilience and courage.

Episode 4

On Episode 4 of The RMA Podcast I talk to two amazing women, Tammy Watson from QLD and Natalee Cunningham from Perth. We discuss how connection, passion and purpose brought these women together to form Run4Blue, a virtual event sweeping our nation which aims to provide funds, awareness and support to our past and present police officers and families through Police Legacy Australia. We discuss their journey to finding running, their chance connection through RMA, and how this evolved into creating the vehicle of Run4blue and the impact that it has on community. We also discuss Tammy and her cancer journey, and how running not only unites us, but gives us purpose. We also discuss how connection often takes us on a journey that you never thought you may travel, but sometimes it leads to the greatest adventure.

 For more information on Run4blue and to donate or register for their next event, head to:@run4blue_au on instagramRun4blue on facebook ortheir website

Episode 5.


Lisa Weightman is a household name of female distance running both on the international stage, and locally in Australia. Having spent half her life participating in Athletics, namely the marathon, some of Lisa’s achievements include participation at 3 Olympic games, Beijing (2008), London (2012) and Rio (2016), 2019 World championships (marathon), and two Commonwealth games medals; 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games bronze medal (marathon), 2018 Commonwealth Games Gold Coast silver medal (marathon).Lisa has 2 top 20 IAAF World Cross Country finishes and a team bronze medal to her name, and has placed in the top 8 in 3 World Major marathons in the past 2 years. Lisa resides in Melbourne and is a mum to Pete, wife to her training partner Lachlan. When she isn’t running or mummying, she is a Transformation Consultant and Program Manager at IBM. Lisa is a valued Ambassador of Running Mums Australia, a performance coach and a motivational speaker. During this conversation we discuss the Covid-19 lockdown and it’s impact on training and the postponement of the Tokyo Olympic games, how Lisa rose to Olympic standard competition from a child who loved to run, the highs and lows of the journey, and her relationship with her training partner and husband Lachlan. We also talk about balancing a corporate career and a career in sport and the support of women in sport at the highest level right down to her connection with everyday mums in RMA. We Also talk about her greatest love of all, motherhood.

Lisa’s personal bests are:-5,000m 15:51 (2009)-10,000m 31:55 (2019, Sydney Harbour 10k Course Record, Masters World Record)-Half Marathon 68:48 (2019, Sunshine Coast Course Record, Masters World Record and Australian All-Comers Record)-Marathon 2:25:15 (5th place at the 2017 London Marathon) You can find more information on Lisa at her website, or on Instagram @lisaweightman

Episode 6.

When Geraldine Bilston met her partner she was very much in love and thought that her relationship would end up being the fairy tale romance she always dreamed of. However flash forward a couple of years later with a young two year old daughter, Geraldine realised after enduring many experiences and changes in her partners behaviour that she was in the midst of a family violence relationship.

Over a long time deliberating whether to stay or to leave, and being fearful of what that actually meant for her and her young daughter, one night her partner became physically violent towards her. This wasn’t the first time he had been violent, however this time Geraldine realised she needed to escape this situation, not only for herself, but for her young child.

In this conversation with Geraldine we discuss the effects of living in a family violence situation. We talk about Geraldine’s experiences and the effect that this had on her relationships with those around her, including her perpetrator and her daughter Katie. We discuss the barriers for women and men seeking assistance who are in a family violence relationship and where you can get help if this is you or someone that you love. This conversation is really important, as the incidence of family violence in Australia is still so high, and through our collective voices, and sharing these stories we can make a difference.

We wanted to launch this podcast this week due to the Run Against Violence campaign which kicks off yesterday 30th August. We wanted our voices to be heard along-side that campaign. It is only when we raise our voices in this way that others can hear and see what women and men who are in the midst of family violence are going through, and how collectively we can make a difference.

Please share this conversation with those that you know and love.

If you find this conversation difficult, or if there is someone in your family or network that you know that is dealing with family violence, please contact:

Nation wide assistance 1800 RESPECT

Geraldine joined RMA in 2014, ran first half marathon at the Gold Coast in 2014, and full marathon in Melbourne also in 2014. Geraldine left an abusive relationship in early 2015, and has been working and volunteering as a family violence advocate for the past 3 and a half years. In in January 2020 Geraldine joined the Victorian Government’s Victim Survivor Advisory Council, and was appointed Deputy Chair in May 2020.

( )

Geraldine has appeared on ABC’s “You Can’t Ask That” in 2019, and ABC’s Q & A in March 2020.

You can find out more about Geraldine on Instagram @gez_bilston or on her website

To find out more about Run Against Violence, please head to

Episode 7.

Episode 7 of The RMA podcast list now live! We chat to Run Against Violence co-founder Kirrily Dear about the beginnings of Run Against Violence, its impact and how we can be involved. This is an inspiring story how one women heard the call, acted, and now the catalyst for change has spread far and wide through the power of community to make a difference against family violence in Australia.In this discussion we talk about how Run Against Violence has evolved from 2014 when Kirrily undertook the White Ribbon Ultramarathon, an 860km journey through regional NSW to bring awareness to the massive issue of domestic violence in communities across Australia.

We then dive into the 2017 Steps Together Ultra Marathon journey, where Kirrily ran 1300km from Broken Hill to Sydney to give a voice to the often silent victims of family violence, and how this time the campaign was widely supported by the creation of a virtual challenge where teams virtually raced Kirrily along the course to the steps of the Sydney Opera House finish line.

We talk to Kirrily about the reason why she started on this journey, and what she learned about herself along the way. The impact from Run Against Violence continues to grow each year, as the virtual challenge now sits on the yearly race calendar for people to spread awareness in our nation, and help drive impact for change against family violence.

To find out more visit

Episode 8.

On this episode of The RMA Podcast we talk to mum of two and amateur trail runner Michelle Hooper. In the light of the recent lockdowns at the beginning of the year, and subsequently event after event being cancelled or changed to another time, Michelle decided to set herself a goal of running the fastest known self-supported time on the Cape to Cape Track in WA.

The Cape to Cape track runs roughly 135km from Cape Leeuwin to Cape Naturaliste, in South West WA. The track covers around 30km of beach running, clifftop or inland sandy trails with some tricky slow rock sections and a 4WD track.

Michelle needed to run under 26 hours to complete the fastest known self-supported time, and she did just that completing 134km in 25 hours 49minutes 49 seconds to claim the new self-supported FKT. Not only did she complete her goal, she raised over $3,500 for the Perth Childrens Foundation in the process. 

We talk to Michelle about her journey from her first parkrun only 18 months ago to completing this recent achievement, and in this episode we discuss how to really embrace the adventures that life throws at us, and that although we can’t control what is going on around us in our world, we can control our mindset and create our own adventures. Throughout this episode we discuss how finding joy in the planning and process of your own adventures can be the most rewarding experience of all.

We dive right into training with two young children and navigating the risks along the way while planning for this great adventure. We talk to Michelle about what she learned about herself on this journey and how it has changed her attitude towards running and trail running in general.

This conversation will leave you questioning why you lace up, and what brings you the most joy in the adventures you embrace, and maybe if you think a little differently, and be bold enough to try new adventures you may be surprised by the places you will go.

You can follow Michelle and her adventures on instagram at @shell.runs or find out more about her FKT here

As discussed in this episode, you can find Michelle’s choice of trail nutrition on instagram at 

Episode 9.

Episode 9 of The RMA Podcast has dropped TODAY. We talk to WA RMA Ambassador, mum of 5 and Ultra runner Emma Luscombe. We talk to Emma about the experience of losing fourth child, her baby girl Evie at 37 weeks due to stillbirth in 2009, and how this has shaped her journey moving forward as a mum and also as a runner.

Emma has been an RMA Ambassador for a long time now and as you will hear in this conversation Emma loves ultra running. Emma talks to us about her journey and experiences running ultras and the lessons that she has learned along the way, the strength she has gained from her past experiences and how she draws on that strength when competing and training. We talk about her funny race experiences, along with the hardships of life, and we also dive into the excitement of her latest adventure, The Delirious West 200 miler in 2021 which she is currently training for. 

Emma shows us that your journey can ride the highs and the lows, but that you can get back up after setbacks and keep going. She also shows us that the journey doesn’t have to be perfect, you just have to believe in yourself and have a go, and you can achieve amazing things, even after heartbreak. This story is real, raw and inspiring for every woman.

You can find Emma on instagram at @justanotherultrarunner or on Facebook at Emma- Just another ultra runner.

Episode 10.

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In 2018 Sarah Terrill had just run her 3rd half marathon at the Run Melbourne festival when she noticed a blister on the back of her shoulder. This blister was actually a mole and she showed showed her father who was a plastic surgeon for over 40 years. Sarah’s dad saw this mole and he was quite alarmed and sent her off to a specialist. This mole was actually an aggressive malignant melanoma. Sarah had had all the necessary treatment required for this melanoma initially, however fast forward to 2020, Sarah had some signs that there may be something major wrong. Sarah’s melanoma had spread to her spine, lungs and brain. Sarah was now diagnosed with Stage 4 Malignant Melanoma.

During this episode we talk to Sarah about her journey battling stage 4 melanoma. We talk about what it is like living with cancer and how she shares that experience with those she loves. We talk to Sarah about her journey as a runner, and also the things she looks forward to the most in life, especially when you feel like your days are numbered.

This conversation will leave you inspired and make you question your own choices around sun safety and together create awareness around how to avoid skin cancer.

To find out more about skin cancer, signs to look out for and how to protect yourself from skin cancer head to:,, or

Episode 11.

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On this episode of The RMA Podcast we speak to Jessica Stenson (Trengove). Jessica is one of Australia’s greatest runners, particularly over the marathon distance, having competed in many major competitions around the world since her debut Marathon in Nagoya Japan in March 2012 where she earned a spot on her first Olympic team. 

In this conversation we chat to Jess about her side-step from a traditional sporting pathway like netball to running in her early 20’s. We discuss her journey to qualifying and competing in her first Olympic games in London in 2012, through to claiming the prized Bronze medal in the marathon at the Glasgow commonwealth games in 2014, and the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in 2018 as well as her second Olympic experience in Rio in 2016.

We talk to Jess about her rise in the sport, and how becoming a first-time mum in 2019 has changed her perspective on the sport that she loves. We discuss the challenges of motherhood through her own shared experience, from returning to training and competing after birth, sleep deprivation and its’ impact, to breastfeeding before and after competition. We talk to Jess about what she loves about motherhood, her relationship with her new body, and what she is looking forward to as she combines both her loves, motherhood and running into the future.

We also chat about the story behind Rundies undies – a sports underwear business that Jess started with her husband (Dylan Stenson) and brother (Jack Trengove) in 2016 with invaluable support and feedback from the RMA community.

Rundies are offering a 20% off discount for listeners for the month of November using code: RMAPOD.

This conversation is fun and candid and you will love hearing how Jess has navigated this time becoming a mum along with juggling training and competing to be her best as both as a mum, and an athlete.

You can follow Jess at:

Instagram: @jess_tren or @jsten_art

Facebook: Jessica Trengove

Twitter: @JessTrengove

Episode 12.

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On episode 12 of The RMA Podcast I talk to two amazing women, Mery Jones and Sandi Faddy. Mery and Sandi reside in Brisbane, Qld and are a mum and daughter duo! In this episode we talk about Sandi’s upbringing in a low socio-economic family home in country Moree in QLD, her meeting her husband and having children, and then a few years later packing up her children in their family van and fleeing her husband due to domestic violence for a better life with basically just the clothing on their backs.

We discuss Sandi’s experience raising four children as a single mother, from living in a refuge to starting her own life-journey heading to university to study, and finding employment, and creating a new existence with goals that she had set for herself.

We talk about Sandi’s journey which led to running, after wanting to lose some weight which she had gained after putting her children and their commitments first for such a long time, and then subsequently her experience of running and racing, particularly the marathons and ultra’s that she loves, even at the ripe age of 60 years.

We talk to Mery about what it was like growing up watching her mothers’ resilience, and how a special connection formed together due to the desire to spend time together when Mery had her daughter,  and how this connection, something that has brought them closer as mum and daughter, has also fuelled their passion for the sport that they love.

This conversation goes deep into Mery and Sandi’s life experience, yet it celebrates that no matter where you come from, no matter what you have been through, if you believe in your convictions, have a strong commitment to being your best and achieve your dreams, you can.

It also celebrates the power of connection. That when we connect with those we love through a shared experience, we can build on our passions and desires, and the outcomes of our experience are so much richer.

You can follow Mery and Sandi on instagram at @runderful.mery and @runfaddyrun 

Episode 13.

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On episode 13 of The RMA Podcast we talk to Olympian Debbi Schulstad (nee’ Edwards). Debbi is an an Australian woman, mother, writer, coach and remedial & sports massage therapist. Debbi is also an Olympian and competed in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games in the 100m Hurdles event, after previously competing at the 1998 Commonwealth Games. 

In this podcast we talk to Debbi about life after high performance sport. Debbi has kindly offered to share her perspective, one that I have been fascinated to watch on what it is like to transition from high performance sports-person to retirement. Often, like in Debbi’s experience, this is due to injury and the immediate feelings of loss and grief are often unspoken, as is the journey to finding oneself. 

High performance sport entangles so much of an athlete’s being, and as we discuss in this episode when this is taken away from you, you can experience a deep loss and longing, and period of trying to find out who you really are. Debbi shares this experience with us, along with stories from her time in sport to the pinnacle of her career on the start line of the 2000 Olympic Games. We also discuss her transition to motherhood, and her role now in sport where she works as a Remedial & Sports Massage Therapist for her own business, and Athletics Australia at many major competitions around the globe, her role now as a coach and mentor and also what she loves to do now that she has found more of who she is out of the sporting arena. 

You can follow Debbi on instagram at:

@southwestsportsperformance (Coaching and Massage)

@debbischulstadwriter (writing musings)

@debbischulstad (personal page)