Join us for the first RMA Calendar Club! We will kick off 2021 with the calendar club by running, walking, cycling or really moving in any way you feel fit for 1-31 minutes or 1-31kms between January 1st and January 31st, 2021.

You could choose to run any distance or time each day between 1-31 minutes or kms or you might choose to marry up your kms with the date, for example Day 1, 1km or 1 minute right up to day 31, 31minutes or kms! etc etc. You get the drift!

In any event, it is a chance to start the new year in an active way, motivated by a goal! So let’s do this together RMA! Where possible gather together to keep motivated and share your runs on social media with #RMACALENDARCLUB

Join our strava club here and join The Calendar Club event in our club each week in January!