On episode 12 of The RMA Podcast I talk to two amazing women, Mery Jones and Sandi Faddy. Mery and Sandi reside in Brisbane, Qld and are a mum and daughter duo! In this episode we talk about Sandi’s upbringing in a low socio-economic family home in country Moree in QLD, her meeting her husband and having children, and then a few years later packing up her children in their family van and fleeing her husband due to domestic violence for a better life with basically just the clothing on their backs.

We discuss Sandi’s experience raising four children as a single mother, from living in a refuge to starting her own life-journey heading to university to study, and finding employment, and creating a new existence with goals that she had set for herself.

We talk about Sandi’s journey which led to running, after wanting to lose some weight which she had gained after putting her children and their commitments first for such a long time, and then subsequently her experience of running and racing, particularly the marathons and ultra’s that she loves, even at the ripe age of 60 years.

We talk to Mery about what it was like growing up watching her mothers’ resilience, and how a special connection formed together due to the desire to spend time together when Mery had her daughter,  and how this connection, something that has brought them closer as mum and daughter, has also fuelled their passion for the sport that they love.

This conversation goes deep into Mery and Sandi’s life experience, yet it celebrates that no matter where you come from, no matter what you have been through, if you believe in your convictions, have a strong commitment to being your best and achieve your dreams, you can.

It also celebrates the power of connection. That when we connect with those we love through a shared experience, we can build on our passions and desires, and the outcomes of our experience are so much richer.

You can follow Mery and Sandi on instagram at @runderful.mery and @runfaddyrun 

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