Episode 9 of The RMA we talk to WA RMA Ambassador, mum of 5 and Ultra runner Emma Luscombe. We talk to Emma about the experience of losing fourth child, her baby girl Evie at 37 weeks due to stillbirth in 2009, and how this has shaped her journey moving forward as a mum and also as a runner.

Emma has been an RMA Ambassador for a long time now and as you will hear in this conversation Emma loves ultra running. Emma talks to us about her journey and experiences running ultras and the lessons that she has learned along the way, the strength she has gained from her past experiences and how she draws on that strength when competing and training. We talk about her funny race experiences, along with the hardships of life, and we also dive into the excitement of her latest adventure, The Delirious West 200 miler in 2021 which she is currently training for. 

Emma shows us that your journey can ride the highs and the lows, but that you can get back up after setbacks and keep going. She also shows us that the journey doesn’t have to be perfect, you just have to believe in yourself and have a go, and you can achieve amazing things, even after heartbreak. This story is real, raw and inspiring for every woman.

You can find Emma on instagram at @justanotherultrarunner or on Facebook at Emma- Just another ultra runner.

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