On Episode 4 of The RMA Podcast I talk to two amazing women, Tammy Watson from QLD and Natalee Cunningham from Perth. We discuss how connection, passion and purpose brought these women together to form Run4Blue, a virtual event sweeping our nation which aims to provide funds, awareness and support to our past and present police officers and families through Police Legacy Australia. We discuss their journey to finding running, their chance connection through RMA, and how this evolved into creating the vehicle of Run4blue and the impact that it has on community. We also discuss Tammy and her cancer journey, and how running not only unites us, but gives us purpose. We also discuss how connection often takes us on a journey that you never thought you may travel, but sometimes it leads to the greatest adventure.  

For more information on Run4blue and to donate or register for their next event, head to:

@run4blue_au on instagram

Run4blue on facebook or

their website www.run4blue.net