Please find a list of VIC Event partners below. Please support these partner races by attending their events and using your discount code when you enter. We are always open to more events coming on board, so if you know any that are not on this list in your state, send us an email and we will endeavour to partner with them for the program.


Stadium Stomp

$5 off standard full-price registration

Triathlon Pink

January, 2020

fun run, kids, short, medium, long, ultra course

10% off

Portsea Twilight

4th January, 2020

4k, 8k

10% discount

Bellarine Sunset Run

8th February, 2020

4k, 10.5k, 21.1k

15% off

River Run Geelong

Sunday March 1, 2020 

10km Run & 5km Run/Walk

20% off

Cohuna Bridge to Bridge

1st March, 2020

1.6k, 6.5k, 12.5k, 21.1k trail run

10% discount

Warburton Trail Festival

7th, 8th, 9th March, 2020

4.5k, 9k, 14k, 22k, 25k, 50k

20% discount prior 10/12/19 // 15% after that

Duncan’s Run

10th October, 2020

Code is valid for the 21, 50 and 100k

$25 Off (50 uses only)

Rokeby Twilight Trail Run

28th March, 2020

Code is valid for the 6k, 9k, 14k

$5 Off (50 uses only)

Werribee Mansion Run

26th April, 2020

21.1km, 10km Run, 5.5km Run, 1.2km Kids Dash

20% off

Surf Coast Trail marathon

June, 2020

solo or team marathon or half marathon

20% discount prior 25/04/20 // 15% after that

The Trail Running Series

TRS 1 – 14 June
TRS 2 – 12 July
TRS 3 – 9 August
TRS 4 – 6 Sept
TRS 5 – 4 October

10% off . Not for virtual series.

Run Melbourne

26th July, 2020

5k, 10k, 21.1k

10% discount

Harvest Run

Yarra Valley. September, 2020

5.3k, 13.5k

10% discount

Sandy Point Half Marathon

September, 2020

10% discount

Run the Rock

10% discount

Sunset Series

10% discount

Surf Coast Century

September, 2020

50k, 100k, relay options

10% discount

Afterglow Night Trail Run

November, 2020

21km. 13km, 5km mini-glow, fluro funk

20% discount prior to 22/08/20 // 15% after that

Trail Run Australia

Bendigo Goldfields

November 2020

kids, 5k, 11k, 21.1k

15% off

End of year run party

December, 2020

5k or 10k

10% discount

Gold Rush Run

December, 2020

6k, 13k, 24k

20% discount prior to 12/09/20 // 15% after that