It’s hard to believe the day is finally here. The last day of 2019. How that came around so fast is a wonder to me. The year has been jam-packed and it seems that every year just gets faster and faster as time flies by.

I wanted to take the time to be thankful to everyone that has been a part of the RMA journey so far. This year we turned six. Six wonderful years of growth and change and many many amazing adventures shared together.

It is with gratitude that I read, connect and see in person the hard work and commitment played out in the lives of those that call the RMA community their own. I follow so many of your journey’s, and am overjoyed when I see your goals come to fruition.

I believe that what we have at RMA is truly special and is like no other network. We offer a safe place to share and connect, a place where everyone is welcome and embraced and a place to belong. Being a mother can be the most joyous time in a woman life, but it can also be the most isolating. I like to believe that we are trying to change that and make it a time for connection and empowerment for women as they raise their children.

Of course, it isn’t just about us either. It is about showing our kids that through the vehicle of running (and connection) we can achieve some pretty amazing things. Whether that is your first race, a parkrun, or 100 miles through the wilderness, each journey is unique, each person is worthy and each goal celebrated. That is what make our community truly special.

As a collective we have changed the lives of many women, families and communities, encouraging them to live active and healthy lives enriched with experience and connection. We should be pretty proud of that.

2019 has also seen us support hundreds of brands and events around our country as part of our RMA member benefit program, who in-turn support us as a collective with discounts and deals through our mutual partnerships, so thank you to those who come on board and also to the brands and events who support this initiative.

We have also given back in so many ways, such as raising over $55,000 for the #run4dignity event as a collective again this year for Share the Dignity, and next year we will shift our focus global for Love Mercy, connecting with and empowering mums like us in Northern Uganda.

As we embark on a new decade, not only do I think it important to establish some goals moving into the future, but I think it important to reflect on just how far you may have come. What have you learned about yourself in the last 12 months? What things did you think you would never try that you have now ticked off your list? I encourage you to think big. Our lives are a gift, and we are here to really live. Make your life and adventure, and be thankful for this great gift we have been given.

Wishing you a wonderful and safe 2020. I look forward to sharing the journey with you.

Nicole Bunyon, RMA Founder X