So we have arrived. The frost is on the ground and the crisp winter air has engulfed our lungs as we lace up ready to head out for our morning run. It is much easier to just stay under the covers and stay warm, snoozing the alarm and  heading blissfully back to sleep, but will that help you achieve those dreams that you set out for yourself this running season? With the right tips, you will be heading out the door ready for your run and on the way to your goals.

First thing we need  is the right clothing.

You have to dress the part if you want to get out that door at all. Instead of throwing on the shorts and singlets you may require a few extra layers. It is ALL about the layers. The trick here is not to over-do it. Put a light running singlet or shirt on with another long sleeve layer over the top. If it is really cold, you could even go another light layer, but chances are that once you head off you will feel like stripping off at least one of these layers. If your budget allows it it is great to get yourself a merino layer or thermal layer to keep you warm. This also keeps you dry and wicks the moisture away so as not to make you colder. A lot of heat is lost through the head, so put a buff or beanie on your head around your ears to keep warm and some gloves on your hands. Merino socks like those from LeBent are also great to keep your feet warm and dry. (don’t forget your RMA discount). You can also pick up some hot hands (hand warmers) that are heat beads to put in your bra or in your gloves to keep you toasty on those really cold runs.


Then we need the right gear.

Being dark in the early and evening hours in winter you are going to need some adequate lighting. Make sure you are prepared for the dark with a hand held torch or head torch to light your way. Also, reflective clothing is important if running along roads where traffic could be an issue. Head to our partner Glimmer Gear Australia for some great gear to keep you safe!


Choose your location. 

If running outside in winter is just too much for you to bear then consider joining your local gym or running on a treadmill from the comfort of the indoors. To ward off boredom set yourself some challenges like interval sets or hill sets on the treadmill or mix it up with some weights and cross training to keep your work out’s exciting. Otherwise, the best places in winter to run are on the local trails in the beautiful winter sun. Make sure if running on wooden stairs or trails that you have adequate traction on your shoes to avoid you slipping in frosty conditions.


Work on the motivation.

This has to be the number one reason that winter see’s us slacken off. Something about cold weather just makes us want to hibernate and it is so easy to give ourselves reasons to not train. Gather motivation by setting yourself some goals to work towards. It could be a certain park run time, it could be a race that you want to train for. Work through the above strategies and head out the door. Grab a friend to train with you or a group of you to work through some interval or hill sessions together and motivate each other. Find new and beautiful locations to run and keep it interesting.

Winter doesn’t have to be a hard time to get out the door. In-fact the beauty is that it isn’t hot which can sometimes make running unbearable! Winter is the perfect time to lace up and work toward your goals and have some amazing adventures, so lace up and get out that door for some adventure!


Nicole Bunyon