As we embark on another Mother’s Day for 2019, we reflect on what it means to be a mother. Times are now a far cry from the mothers that have gone before us that may have been stay at home housewives that lived and breathed each day nurturing children in the home, caring and tending for husbands.

These days mothers in Australia still do this role, yes, caring and nurturing their children, caring for their partner or spouse, but on top of this the pressure of society and womens freedom has meant that our role has moved on to be this and so much more. We are women of power and influence, Stay at home mothers, working mothers, mothers who pioneer change in our circles and around the world, mothers of impact and resilience.

Women have found their voice, their meaning, and their goals are also just as important as those of their partners and children, and women are using the powerful network of the collective to reach them. This collective, such as RMA is where women find their strength and why, and along with the inner voice they have telling them to achieve great things, we are seeing women all over Australia achieve things we never thought possible in times gone by. These achievements and women finding purpose change lives, impact communities and create change.

This mothers day be confident in who you are as a mother. Be proud and strong for the amazing work that you do each and every day. Be thankful for the role you have been blessed with when that role is wanted by so many that may never get that chance. Hold your children tight and say a prayer for those that Mother’s Day may just be the hardest day of the year when they grieve those they have lost, both Mothers, and their own children.

Thank you mums, for coming on the journey with us. Running Mums Australia is a strong network of women built on the strength and resilience of the mother army. I am forever grateful for the lessons you teach me.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Love Nicole Bunyon

Founder, Running Mums Australia. X