I have never been a massive fan of treadmill running but of late I have found it a necessary evil to get my runs done. Secretly I’ve even grown to enjoy it!
So how do you make it more palatable? Here are a few tips:
1. Break up long runs
If I am doing a two hour run on the treadmill I break it up into half an hour sets. I allow myself a toilet and water break after 30 mins and I usually do a set of strength in between. By breaking it up in my mind, I’m actually doing 4 x 30 minute sets instead of 2 hours and that some how makes it easier to grasp.
2. Make sure you have an incline set
Have it at least on 1% incline.  If you have the treadmill flat you risk injury and it is not enough of a simulation of the road so when you get out doors it’s really really hard. Play around with the incline feature and try something different each time you jump on the treadmill for your run.
3. Embrace being indoors
Remember how lucky you are to be sheltered from the elements. Air conditioning is such a blessing at this time of year. It’s also a bonus to not get sunburnt. Think of all the benefits of being inside verses being outside if this is the only form of training you can get in!
4. Find a great Netflix series
I love documentaries and to be honest I’ve learnt so much in the last few months while running indoors. There’s also some inspirational running documentaries- find them and loose yourself in them as you watch on while enjoying your running session!

5. Change it up

If you’re getting bored, do some speed play and intervals, for example, 5 mins increased speed and 5 mins easy or 15 x 1 minute on 1 minute off. The time flies by when you’re doing intervals and you’re getting big gains by including them in your training.
Whilst treadmill running isn’t for everyone, it certainly has a place for busy mums. We need to use any option that is available and works for our families. It’s about getting it done.
How do you train? We would love to hear some of your strategies for getting in your training as a busy mum!
Ana Croger
RMA Ambassador and busy mum of three!