Hi My name’s Nicki and I’m mum to 4 girls aged 17, 15, 12 and 10. Here is my recap of the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival 2018.

Last weekend at Blackmores Sydney Running Festival can only be described as an amazing, once in a lifetime experience where everything fell into place. I’m still on Cloud 9.

At the start of last year I had to have a hysterectomy and this marathon was my motivation when I couldn’t run. Two days after surgery I managed a 5 min walk down the hospital hall and messaged my boss, who happens to be a running coach (convenient I know). I told her that was the start of my marathon training for Blackmores 2018. It was nearly 5 months of frustration before I was given the go ahead to run again.

I started off with 30 second intervals and even though I was fit before my operation it took a long time to get my stamina back. Finally I entered the 10km at Melbourne Marathon as my comeback race. I ran with three other friends and we decided then and there to book accommodation for Sydney 2018. So then training began in earnest. My aim was to be consistent and I managed that around work and kids in rain, hail, sleet and sun.

Before we knew it the long awaited weekend in September arrived. I was entered in the marathon, my friend was running her first half and my other friends were running the 10km. Pre race nerves had settled in all week. My previous two marathons in Melbourne I’d had 30 degree days and had crashed and burned at the 34km mark with cramps, nausea and dizziness so I was worried when it was 31 degrees on the Saturday when we arrived but I needn’t have worried. Sunday was forecast a perfect 17 degrees.



The day started out chilly but was just right when we started to run. Running across the Harbour Bridge was spectacular. My plan was to run 5km and then do run/walk intervals from there. I got to 5km and felt great so I thought I’d keep running until 10km. I kept going and going and once I got to 25km I thought maybe, just maybe, I could do this. Once I got to 35km I knew if I stopped I’d never be able to start again so I pushed on. My friend met me at the 41km mark and ran the final stretch with me.

I couldn’t believe when I crossed the line and not only had I ran the whole way but I’d also got my first sub five hours in 4 hours 45 mins.

It was a wonderful experience with my gorgeous running friends who did an amazing job in their respective runs with one far exceeding her first half marathon time expectations. Topped off by a delicious post run breakfast at Bondi Beach the next day with some rather lovely lifeguards training in the sun.

For more information on Sydney Running Festival, and to register in the RMA team for 2019 head here.