I saw this quote in my news feed on Instagram today, and it really resonated with me.

“The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before.” – Albert Einstein.

This really resonated with me, because although RMA is a collective of amazing, capable strong women who uplift and support each other in our respective journey’s these journeys start with us. They start with ONE WOMAN. One woman taking the leap of faith to start running. To find a goal. To dream big. To sign up to the event. To train hard. Day after day. To get to the start line. To put one foot in front of the other. To dig deep when the going gets tough. To celebrate the victories. To learn from the lessons.

That ONE WOMAN is so powerful. On her own she is a beacon. She is a light and influence to those around her. She inspires others to dream big. To find that goal and to work towards it. Her children see her and her labour and the joy that is in her life through her pursuits, and they want to follow.

But that ONE WOMAN is even more powerful when she is SUPPORTED AND SURROUNDED by a community of thousands of other ONE’S. Because together as a collective we are the voice and sphere of change in our community. We show younger generations what it is like to really live. To work hard and to get reward. To have meaningful relationships. To live a healthy active lifestyle. To push yourself beyond your comfort zone and to try new things even if they are scary.

So if you are reading this. Celebrate your strength. Tell someone in your community of women how amazing they are and thank them for their support. Celebrate being a strong woman.

Nicole Bunyon


Today on International Women’s Day we hear from our RMA Ambassadors about what it means to them to be a woman on this International Women’s Day.


I am proud to be female and it is my absolute belief that women can do anything, that they should have every opportunity available to them and that they should feel connected, supported and loved throughout their journey…

A woman is nurturing, compassionate and loving yet fierce, strong and powerful and so when a tribe of woman come together with a common interest and vision the magnitude of that movement is immense…

Being part of a women’s movement, a tribe, a squad, a community like RMA changes lives… the inspiration and encouragement fuels my passion and my belief that change is possible and gives me hope for our future and the future of our daughters… happy International Women’s Day mummas the future truly is female xo

Mel Sykes Bridge


International Women’s Day is about the power that a group of women have to create change.

Without doubt, that is what Running Mums Australia means to me.

As we celebrate a day where women’s suffrage historically campaigned for gender parity I look at the strong women in our community who by simply lacing up have changed their own lives, the lives of their families and the lives of their community. For me, this was celebrated in the most spectacular way on Sunday where we lined the streets of Brisbane City in a sea of pink and showed our support for those who have suffered the heartache that breast cancer brings. The parts of our bodies we use to give life and feed our young are the very same parts that have destroyed so many lives. As an ambassador for RMA I stood humbled by the strength of the women in our community on Sunday morning, the survivors and those that continue to fight.

Daily I’m blown away by the kindness, encouragement, friendship and leadership within RMA and I think that is what defines us as a community and today that is what we should celebrate.

Congratulations Mums we are the modern day suffragettes, the women making the change for our future. The women working, raising families and setting the example of what healthy role models look like in 2018.

Ana Croger


Women hold their strength in their softness. As a gender we are nurturing, caring, sensitive and our connections are based on emotional undertones. I say softness because it should not be mistaken for weakness. This ability and predisposition for compassion, empathy, sharing and collaborative enterprise means we harness a strength so strong, that once its established it’s impenetrable.

You cannot spell vulnerability without ability.

I am a woman because: I can achieve; I can test the bounds of my humanity; I can seek excellence in any given field; I can protect those that need protection; and I can make a lasting imprint on this planet. As a woman, I am in an intellectual, a runner and sports enthusiast, a mother, a wife, a sister, a friend. My strength-my iron clad impenetrable strength, is based on my womanhood. It’s foundation entrenched in sisterhood and in community. Sharing, encouraging, experiencing and collaborating with others is at the heart of our femininity. It is what makes us women and it is why communities like RMA are so important.

RMA: Women unified in our love of running, motherhood and gender. Strength. Ability in the presence of vulnerability buffered and reinforced by community. As I said at the start, strong beyond measure, because of our softness.

Happy IWD RMA!

Anna Fitzgerald


Being a woman, to me, means recognising and embracing our sometimes hidden strengths, bonding together to realise those strengths and then, particularly in sport, showing the world how tough we really are!

Emma Luscombe


I am proud to be a woman who challenges the boundaries of what is humanly possible, but I can only do this by drawing on the strength and support of others. I am unafraid to stand up and to seek recognition particularly in ultra running. I do this knowing that I have the support of so many, to make it easier for others and just hope to inspire others to do the same whatever the challenges they seek or may face.

I am pleased to find that my children and family take pride in my achievements as an athlete and woman and love to encourage others to use our sport as a means of exploring our amazing planet. Track, trail or road.

Jodie Oborne


When I think about the woman I want to be remembered as the words that come to mind are ‘strong’, ‘nurturing’, ‘persistent’, ‘supportive’.

When we come together as strong, nurturing women who support each other we can achieve things we never thought were ever possible! That’s certainly been true for me despite many setbacks and many people telling me I’m not good enough year after year!

Support each other to fight back against all those that tell us women that we can’t, because we can!

Happy International Women’s Day!

Lisa Weightman