The time has come to focus on the marathon again… My relationship with the marathon really started for me in 2014, when my husband and I decided to run our first. It was a special training process together and a goal we conquered together, while raising over $5000 for the Royal Women and Children Hospital neonatal division. We finished in a time of 4:26hrs and from that day, I have been after a 4hr finish.

Last year was the year of crazy goals, where I set out to run 3 marathons in 3 months, including an Ultra. After limping my way through the Gold Coast Super100 50km in June in 5:24hrs (4:19hr at the marathon mark), and then a painful 4:32hr 42.2 km the Gold Coast in July, I made the tough decision change my Sunshine Coast marathon entry to the half marathon and just go and enjoy the day. It was a nice slow run for me and an opportunity to cheer on my sister, Charmaine and friend Lauren, who were both running their first marathons, as well as the many Running Mums Australia girls out on the course! “Go RMA,“ was coming from every direction! The atmosphere was electric and the coastal scenery was as specular as usual.


After a few months of intense recovery and rest, I began the road to getting my pace and endurance back.


Since the beginning of 2016, I have increased my distance through Sunday long runs and increased my speed as a result of specific speed sessions. It has been great to run well and uninjured in the Sunshine Coast Run Series and other local events. I have now a Level 1 Community Athletics Coach and a Level 2 Recreational Running Coach qualification, and have used this knowledge to plan my own, and others marathon training. I am running fewer days than last year, mindful of injury prevention and really focusing on what I want out of each session, while listening to my body. I have certainly learnt that a ‘one size fits all’ training plan does not exist! It was awesome to get a parkrun PB last weekend and feel like I have my running ability back! Building on my existing endurance and fitness base, I have begun an 8-week marathon specific training program for the marathon on August, 21st. Can I get to that elusive 4 hr finish….?