It seemed like a good idea at the time, back in October last year to register in the forthcoming Gold Coast Bulletin fun run. I had just completed the half on the Gold Coast and then the Twilight half in Wynnum. Yep, things are going well – I can do the half instead of the 10k this time! So I booked the 21k and set up the RMA team so we could all have an awesome time together again. We all had an option of doing the ½ marathon, 10k or 5k.

Of course nothing goes to plan. A few of our Gold Coast Running Mums have been struggling with reoccurring and new injuries and some have lost their mojo, which tends to put a dampener on it all. This is what happens when age starts creeping up too! And one of us even forgot we had entered until 2 weeks before… Oh, what a nice surprise! So one of us dropped down from the half and someone signed in as a late entry just to support & enjoy the RMA spirit in the 10k run, even with the injuries we like to try to ignore!

We are Running Mums – We get out there & support each other, even if we can’t run fast.
We have missed running together so much in the last 6 to 8 months. It wasn’t about the runs themselves but the fun we always had when we were together.

We all made a pact and decided to go at a pace that would suit us all and make this a total fun time instead of getting more depressed by not being able to run. If one was struggling, we would walk. So from the pact came the name, we were our own little “Wolf pack”.

We also finally had a chance to wear our tutu’s to reflect our attitude towards the run….. FUN!
Darling husband offered to drop us close to save finding a park. In the end, we didn’t need this service as parking was a breeze, but he did get to drink coffees & sleep in the awesome beanbags that were supplied!


After seeing off the half marathoners, we had a few paparazzi photo shoots from the hubby and more of the injured RMA’s who, might I say were the best support crew.

Time to start. So off we went… Just take it slowly… enjoy the experience and most of all, have fun.
Just a nice slow pace to make sure that we will make it to the finish without more injuries. Apart from the youngest member of our group who managed to sprint ahead, proving that she was half our age, BANG!! … THAT HILL! One step at a time – push those arms, and YES it was over sooner than you think. Woohhoo – all down hill from here…Oh, until that next little undulation!

Off goes our second runner into the distance…no holding her back!

Big cheers, waves and hi fives to all the runners and Running Mums we passed. We had a few little dance steps & sing alongs with Michael Jackson & Cold Chisel – Plus a bad version of “Sisters are doing it for themselves!” – Others even joined in!. We had to keep the atmosphere!.

We thanked the volunteers along the way around the course. The “Livin” cheer squads were wonderfully vocal too! Cheers to the other runners, especially all the RMA runners out there that day.
The Pina Colada drink stops were something to look forward to – If you imagine hard enough.. they really can be cocktails!

So 2k in and we are all still jogging, 4k done and no sign of us slowing down. And then, YES, we made it to half way with only 2 single walking steps taken by our comrade! More & more singing & giggles from the women who are aged between 48 – 51… No acting our age here!

6k, then 8, 9 and 10k… we jogged the entire way, the atmosphere and support of our little wolf pack and all of the other runners kept us going! Our phone beeped to tell us that our second runner had finished but what an awesome surprise about 500m later to see her waiting for us and delaying her finish so she could finish with us!

Our ‘Olympic stadium” finish was of course the best finish EVER! The cheers from the crowd of RMA’s and friends made us smile from ear to ear…It wasn’t quick this time but we did feel pretty in our tutu’s – we had an absolute ball. So coming into the stadium towards the finish line was unbelievable.. totally did feel like an Olympian, actually even better, because we are part of the awesome RMA community.

Our youngest Running Mum gained a PB too!. I must say, that I thought some of us could have gone faster, but the thought of encouraging the people around us, and finishing with them was so much better.
We all had an injury of some sort but we were determined to finish strong & together. Wow, how much fun we all ended up having. The tutu gang cheered, shuffled, ran and waited and finished together as a RMA team.

So nice to be back with everyone and so love acting like a 10 year old again !


Tina Melrose-Doyle / Donna Harrington / Donna Sneddon / Jan-Marie Corbett / Mandy Gould / Jaz Gould