Hi Running Mums! My name’s Kylie. I’m a 33yr old Mother of two and I’m a sprinter.


How did you start?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved being able to run FAST.

My earliest memories go back to my early childhood years in New Zealand – on our street growing up and the school playground, outrunning all the neighbourhood kids and my classmates on the playground. I remember very few kids being able to catch me, and I loved it. Then at the age of 7, my parents joined me up at the local Athletics club and I was hooked. I can’t ever remember running in a pair of shoes when I ran on the track over there. The hills in the background, the grass under my feet, great memories.

At the end of 1991, I was 9yrs old and our family moved to Queensland, Australia and I continued my love of running at primary school and at my Little Athletics and Amateur Athletics Clubs on the Sunshine Coast. I continued to run and compete until I was 19, before having a long break and returning to the track in 2012.

What are your achievements?

In late 1993 I was introduced to Glynis Nunn and she became my first coach. I shaved 10secs off 400m time in less than a year. In 1995 at the age of 12, I proudly won my first State Championship and made my first State Team, selected to represent Qld at the Little Athletics National Team Championsips in Darwin. What a buzz! I then went on to represent Qld at a number of other School National Titles and Amateur National Championships, with my favourite competition being the Pacific School Games in 1996. I held State Titles in the 400m and Triple Jump, as well as second in the 200m. At best I was ranked 5th in Australia (behind Jana Pittman) in my age group for the 400m.

My current achievements since returning to the track three years ago include winning the 60m, 100m, 200m and 400m at the NSW State Masters State Championships two years in a row, and then winning the 60m, 100m, 4x 100m Relay at the National Masters Athletics Champs this year, as well as silver in the 200m and 400m. I’ve also competed at the NSW State Open Championships the past two years.


What are your plans/goals?

My goals this season are to beat my times from last season, defend my State Masters Sprint Titles from the past two years and my Masters National Titles from last season, as well as improve my NSW Open ranking from last season.


Why do you love sprinting/track and what motivates you?

The hunger to acheive my goals and the people I’ve met along my sprinting journey are definitely the key motivators. The Senior and Masters Athletics competitions I have been involved in have definitely been the highlights of my return to sprinting, everyone has been very welcoming and friendly. And not everyone is like me having had a background in track when they were younger. It’s very refreshing and inspiring to see a number of adults having taken up the sport at an older age, and are loving and excelling at it. You’re never too old to start! The adrenaline rush of competition, bursting out of the blocks when the gun fires, there’s nothing like it.

What training do you do?

My training varies through Winter (off-season) and Spring/Summer (competition season). After the season ends in March/April, I have a 4-8 week break from training (track and strength & conditioning/weights) before returning usually in May to start hill training, and then eventually a weekly track session. I also compete in a weekly 2km Cross-Country series through Autumn/Winter and this year have been doing parkrun regulary and loving it (after initially telling myself “5km is too far! Typical sprinter). By the time the season starts in September, I’m back to three track sessions a week and a race every 1-3 weeks, plus weights and strength and conditioning sessions (including core, glutes and hip exercises).

Who are your idols?

When I was younger, I idolised American Sprinter Michael Johnson and looked up to Australian athletes like Melinda Gainsford, Cathy Freeman and Sharon Cripps. I was priviledged enough to have been at the 2000 Olympics to watch Michael and Cathy claim their Olympic titles! Currently, my favourite athlete would definitely have to be Sally Pearson.


Can anyone do Track?

If you decide to give track a go, or even include some sprint sessions into your training, I have no doubt you won’t regret it! It’s a great way to teach your body to move faster and build strength even if you’re running longer distances/races. Your running journey is yours to live and conquer. All power to you by trying something new, creating new goals and challenges for yourself as an adult, even if it wasn’t something you didn’t do when you were younger. Who knows, you might love it!

“Your race might be over in less than a minute, but your accomplishment can last a lifetime”. Kylie