Oh my goodness the New York  Marathon it had been on my bucket list for 8 years since I started running, now 61  this was my Birthday present from my incredible, inspiring Son Terence. DREAMS DO COME TRUE with 15mths of training.
Sunday 2 Nov 2014 I started my wave at 10.30am in the New York Marathon with  Terence. We stayed at the Sheraton at Times Square organized through Travelling Fit.
There was a bus organized from the Sheraton at 5.45am to take us to Staten Island an hour to where we were to start  we were  freezing 1 degree, we could not feel our legs & fingers.
 We had to wait another 2 & half hours before our wave started luckily we had purchased the day before a blanket & Terence had got some gloves, I had already some, with hats & clothes & blanket sitting huddled together on rubbish bin liners a another runner had given us to sit on, on the grass, we could not get warm.
Terence said it was just as cold as he had run in the Antarctica. We started walking around to see what was happening the time was getting closer to our wave we had to leave our blanket behind, the crowds we getting bigger to the start line. I was feeling very nervous but so excited the day had come to run this incredible Marathon, my FIRST.
WE WERE off running under the Verrazano Narrows bridge (miles 1-2) with 50,000 people who had entered the race. Trying to stay in the middle of the bridge feeling very emotional, people were tripping over clothing which should have been left at the start, but due to how cold it was the runners were leaving the extra clothing on.
 203450_174500270_XLargeTerence & I were off like a flash of lightning this is it I had dreamt of this moment for years. Terence said stay in the middle Mum, we don’t want to get blown over the edge of the bridge, the wind was so strong people were falling over as we run
trying to avoid them not getting caught up with falling too.
Terence had a strap which I held onto so we would not loose each other  for the crowds were exhilarating.
Brooklyn and Queens bridge (miles 3-15 )  was insight the spectators on the side line were cheering on very
loudly come on Aussie’s GO  Kristine for I had my name on me.
The children at the side lines were wanting me to hi five them,  getting very carried away with the excitement I was running past hi fiving, then got back into the race pace with Terence then I would back to hi five more children as they were
expressing so much excitement. Terence sang out come on Mum lets get to the finish line they think you are a Super Star !!!
Feeling cold & numb running with the cheering of the crowds, offering tissues from boxes which came in handy to blow your nose, feeling a little faint  my eyes started going funny, low blood pressure, Terence said I need to drink more water & take my gels. There were women on the side line who came over to me with lollies & snakes as I needed  sugar . I felt a better straight away.
Then we were on our way…..
First Avenue -Manhattan ( miles 16-20 ) the crowds were huge here I took a big breathe saying to myself I am getting closer each mile of 10 miles I was dedicating to my friends which had helped me a long the way, each mile I thought of that special person.
Bronx – Central Park the final 10 k this is the final bridge  by this stage I just wanted to finish, my legs were getting like jelly moving a little slower but I just keep pushing myself, toilet stops were 3 on the way with having to wait about 5-10 minutes each time. It did take time off, as I stopped for as quick as possible queing in the line. The crowds were getting louder as I was running up the bridge and over making my arms work harder for my legs were getting weary.
It was a real mental game running through Central Park, I was nearly there….the palm trees, the lights, the colours of the leaves, the people. I was feeling like a super star with the crowds calling out to you, the women jumping up & down saying come on you can do this. With tears all most running down my face we were almost there when this dark woman calls out at the side line with 500 meters to go You Go Girl. You Go  and runs with me to the finish jumping up & down on the side line.
Terence took  my hand over the finish line, I did not have one ounce of energy left in me, it felt the most incredible sensation to have finished. We hugged & kissed each other I had made it.  6.25.54 seconds. Wow & Wow again.
I was ready to go back to the hotel, forgetting about the medal when a wonderful person approached us with the medals then we started walking ushering us over to get our photo’s taken which was magic.
Then they gave me a plastic bag with food, Terence gave me an apple out of the bag then throw the rest away said it was not healthy, feeling like a could eat almost anything.
It was a 20 minute walk to when I got my New York warm pongo being sent on my way back to the hotel, we went to the Subway to get the train, stairs all way down to the train then up, my legs felt like bricks they would hardly move.
We had Mexican food on the way back to the hotel for we wanted something quick we were both feeling hungry & tied by this stage.
Walked the rest of the way back to the hotel which was still another 20 minutes very happy, when we arrived could hardly get into the lift but made it, with a lot of other people feeling the same way.
That night at the Hotel I rested in the bed with my legs up the wall for the blood to circulate. Celebrated with a beer & a kit kat chocolate & watched HELP, a movie which I had read the book, I needed something to relax me after not being able to contact my husband who was in China.
What a long day, having started at 4.30am & finishing a 42 km run in between of ending my day at 11.00pm to sleep & dream of my next adventure.
I hope I have inspired many more women to have a go! Dreams do come true !!!!!