As we move on in our running journey we start to enjoy running and the many benefits that it can give us. The question that a lot of runners ask is “is it safe to run every day”? Some people may go on a ‘run streak’ or some people might just love to get out every day and hit the trails or pavement for enjoyment. Sometimes running every day can lead to injury or burnout, so it is important to work out how your body is responding to running and if there are some key things that you may need to change in order to run every day.

Obviously if you are running every day, this should mean that you are doing some different sessions within the week and not flat out tempo running each and every day. So you might like to include a tempo run, an interval workout, long runs, mid-long runs, recovery runs, easy runs etc. So it might look like this:

Monday: Recovery Run

Tuesday: Tempo session

Wednesday: mid-long run

Thurs: interval session

Friday: easy run

Sat: 5k fast threshold

Sat: long run

The important thing here is to know how your body is feeling and if you are finding that you are constantly getting sore or tight or injured then chances are that you aren’t moving efficiently enough to sustain running every day and may need to see someone about your running technique like a running coach otherwise you risk being out of the game.

Will Wragg from Running Injury Free revolution tells it perfectly in this clip. The girls who come along to his sessions this week in Sydney will learn the techniques that he is referring to in this video and hopefully we can get you running injury free each and every day if that is what you enjoy!

Take a look at this clip :