Hey RMA crew!

Hope you had a great break! I got down to see Ang’s family. Running around the Mornington Peninsua area is just divine! Think I could move there tomorrow! Congrats to all the RMA crew who did the Resolution Run as well as the Cadbury Marathon down in Tassie. Looked like fun! Had a few runners talking to me lately about Achilles pain and it’s such a bugger of an injury. People ask me how to stretch Achilles most effectively so I did this video to show you my four favorite Achilles stretches. There is a dynamic stretch then a number of ways to get the most of your stretches. You want to hit Achilles problems from all angles so check them out. You also want to remember we see so many people with these type of ankle problems that have subtle running technique issues. You may be too upright, which means you have to create forward momentum by muscle power alone. Your leg is out in front, you heal strike which is a braking force then have to push with butt, hamstrings and calf which can lead Achilles pain, calf tears, hamstring injuries, ITB, the list goes on! Check out one of our first RIFREV videos, ‘finding the sweet spot’ to start learning to use gravity to propel you forward with running rather than muscles. That way you can keep running till you’re a grandmother and beyond!

Good luck with these people! Remember comfy at all times and if you have an injury, check with your health care professional before starting any exercise or stretching program.

Seeing more and more RMA singlets at so many different events. You guys rock! Say hi if you see me out there. Have a great running week everyone!

Paul Trevethan

Running Physio