If you are a keen runner, this situation is no stranger to you. You had everything ready and laid out from the night before and you wake up to the sound of clink clink clink on the roof. Its also dark to add another element of doubt to whether you should go for your your morning run. So the million dollar question is “do you go”?

The answer of course is a resounding YES

Now, unless you are battling some sort of flu and its not a typhoon or electrical storm outside and the only danger is getting wet, then yes, put on your runners and skip out that door. Why? you ask? Because running in the rain is beautiful

Yes, you get wet but its just water right? It wont kill you and if you are like me you actually might find it therapeutic. 

I love to run in the rain. The sound of the raindrops dropping, the feeling of it hitting my skin, getting closer to nature if you will, it just has a calming sense over my spirit. Plus, if your going on a trail it makes it that more exciting to splash through those muddy puddles and come out the other side like you have conquered Kokoda!

I distinctly remember going for a long training run with my friend Marisa. As we started out it was drizzling and we had on our lightweight running jackets to keep us dry. About half way into the run the heavens opened and it bucketed down. You know the type of FAT rain that you can see? Big fat blobs of rain smacking down onto our heads…It was SO MUCH FUN. We just laughed and laughed as we ran. We were wet anyway and by the end of our run it was like we had been for a swim but it was a memory I will never forget. 

The Benefits

Less traffic – There is generally less people out on the road, the trails and the paths….this means less time stopping for cars and having to let others pass….win win!

Out in nature – and who doesn’t love that?!

Shows your determination and dedication – while others think you may be ‘crazy’ while they hit their gym or treadmill, they are also  seeing how determined and dedicated you are for getting out there anyway!

refreshing – especially in summer. What a great way to cool down!

You may catch a rainbow –  see if you can run to the other end!


The downfalls

you get wet – you will dry.

It can be slippery – make sure your shoes have good grip….and don’t wear your best pair!



There are a few things that you may need to pay attention to when running in the rain…..

Electrical equipment 

Make sure that if you have to take your phone or ipod keep it dry – a zip lock bag works great. This is also important for keys that have a central locking feature for your car. The last thing you want when you get back to your car soaking wet is for your key to not work! Believe me…this HAS happened to me!!!

Wear a hat

Running in a hat in the rain will keep the drops out of your eyes. It is important to be able to see where you are going! I wear a dryfit visor that easily wicks the moisture away and keeps my face protected.

Wear thin layers

Even though it may be cold and wet outside, you want to keep warm, but don’t be fooled…you will warm up. Having a few thin layers that you can peel off is better than having one thick layer that will act like a weight when it fills with water!

Wear visible clothing

Make sure that what you are wearing can be seen by motorists or other people. Visibility is poor in particularly wet weather so make sure your safety comes first, especially if you are running on open roads, not paths or trails. 

Stop chafing 

The wetter you become the higher possibility that you could get chafing in all those lovely spots around your body that you don’t want it! Make sure that you rub on some body glide before you go or you may be sorry!

Have fun

Just get out there and go. Don’t let the rain stop you. I bet you will find it as enjoyable as I do.