One night in spring last year I was sitting in my lounge room reflecting on the year that had been. I had just run my first official marathon in Sydney and I was reminiscing about all the training and the race itself. I will never forget that day. Its up there with one of the best days of my life. As I sat there a tinge of sadness came over me as I realised that really, I had no one that understood what I was feeling and all the hours and hours of training and sacrifice that I had put in to get to that point. 

I remembers distinctly thinking, wouldn’t it be great to have a place where you could share all that and learn from other women. A network of women, all over Australia that had the same passion and goals as you and that really understood why you love to run? People that I could meet and be inspired by and really I am inspired by each and every story that I hear. So Running Mums Australia was born in the form of a group on Facebook. 

Every day I am amazed at how we have grown. From a handful of members to 3,500 members to date. Everyone with a story. Everyone with a dream. Everyone who comes together for one common purpose… talk running!

People ask me, ‘What do you love about RMA the most?” and I have to say…the stories. The inspirational stories. That is what this group is all about and that is the vision we have. To inspire, equip and encourage you, the runner to run your best. If its a first timer just getting out there and slogging away at the run/walk intervals to the seasoned runner running an ultra marathon for hours and hours… I am inspired. From mums who run on their farms from shed to shed for sprint training to mums that push prams up hills and mums who rally together to run the trails, and mums who slog out their run in the early hours of the morning before the rat race of the day begins….you all have a story that is worth telling. 

The success to Running Mums Australia is just that. The story. It is a never-ending unfolding journey of one runners story after another. We will never be short of stories here. Each and every one of them is unique and wonderful. So are each and every one of you. 

Each Sunday as I spend hours trawling through the Facebook group adding pics to instagram of our girls training and racing around the country I can’t help but feel proud of what we have here. A community of women, from all around our country that feel connected to a common place where their efforts can be celebrated and enjoyed. 

Thanks for being part of the journey.

We are Running Mums Australia.