As runners we must pay particular attention to our hydration. Hours and hours on the track, especially training for a marathon can leave your body dehydrated and exhausted. It is important to hydrate before, during and after any form of exercise and with long distance running in particular it is important to make sure that the electrolytes that you lose during sweating are replaced in the form of a hydration supplement.

Introducing Nuun (pronounced Noon). Nuun is the brainchild of a student and professor from America, an avid cyclist who wanted a lightweight, sugar free, low calorie (around 8 calories per tablet), carbohydrate, colour and additive free alternative to the electrolytes that were on offer. Now Nuun is the number 1 best selling hydration tablet on the market.

Important information
Nuun is an optimal blend of electrolytes that allow your body to absorb water more quickly, keeping you hydrated. Nuun contains Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium in each little tablet.

Why do we need electrolytes?
According to Nuun, electrolytes are responsible for carrying the electrical impulses in cells responsible for muscle contractions and nerve impulses. When you exercise and lose electrolytes in your sweat, particularly potassium and sodium, these need to be replaced to allow for adequate performance.

What I thought
Going from someone that in my first marathon was used to a high sugar electrolyte drink (that shall remain nameless) Nuun was a very refreshing change for me. I was finding that I was always having a spike in sugar on my long runs followed by a massive low with the product that I was using. This was not helpful at all and I actually didn’t really like the taste of the drink I was having. It was like consuming a cup of sugar. It also left me feeling all icky in my tummy and gave me a few toileting issues.

Nuun however was amazing. Not only is it SO EASY to use, just drop the tablet into a 500ml bottle of water and leave it to fizz for a minute or so, it had a really nice taste with no sugary mouthful at all. The best thing too is that it is in a tablet form which is easy for me to take in my fuel pouch on my long runs. I can break the tablet in half and put it in my water bottle and fill up as I’m running, something that I would have struggled to do using a powder like I was. The other thing I love is that  they come in a portable, water resistant tube that fits easily in my bag. That way I know that I am staying hydrated all day and can fill up my water bottle with water, pop a tablet in and I’m good to go. Less impact on the environment for all.

The other awesome thing is that they have a great flavour range. I was given tubes of Strawberry Lemonade, Tropical, Lemon+Lime, orange and Tri-berry in little individual wrapped tablet form. My favourite flavour has to be strawberry Lemonade. The flavours are so subtle and really refreshing, not like the sugary drinks that I was used to that leave a film in your mouth!

I started taking them a few days before my long runs in marathon training and also during and after my runs and I was well and truly hydrated, with no hydration issues whatsoever.

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To purchase at retail outlets Nuun is available from all GNC stores, Anaconda, specialty run stores such as Northside Runners, InTraining, active feet, Running Fit, active stride and many others at standard RRP.