All you need to go running is a good pair of runners, right?  Wrong!

If you were anything like me, one day you decided you would try your hand at running.  So you grabbed what exercise gear you had in the cupboard or maybe bought a couple of new items (but not spending too much, just in case you didn’t stick with it!), and off you went.  Ah, yes, at some point though, you did buy a good pair of runners.

As women (and particularly as mum’s) we need to also think about and invest in, suitable support when it comes to our sports bras.  Lucky for us, there are people like Tish Monahan at She Science, who are here to help.


You might be running in a crop top (like I was), or even a sports bra that a friend recommended, but is it really the right support for you?  Is it even the right size?

Tish and the team at She Science have a unique offering where they use motion analysis software to analyse breast motion.  This assists them in finding women the best fitting and most functionally appropriate sports bra.

During my experience in their store I tried on 5 different sports bras to find the one that fitted me perfectly and felt comfortable to run in (and as you can see in the photo, I got to run with the bras on in store!).

One of the things that I loved about She Science was that Tish took time to understand my running story, from past to future goals in order to understand my needs.


Tish herself is an avid runner, and after having a breast reduction at aged 17, she knows the importance that the right sports bra can have on both performance and motivation.  She spends a lot of time researching the sports bras and understanding the science behind them, so she can quickly identify which sports bras would be best for you.

Interestingly, as a regular 8/10C, the bra I ended up getting was the Jubralee (Moving Comfort) in a 10D.  I have to say it feels amazing to run in, and I can’t believe I didn’t take the time sooner to be fitted properly.
She Science are located in Kew, Melbourne and they have an online store at www.shescience.com.au
I do highly recommend though, that you take the time to go in and receive the She Science unique experience when you are next in town – it is so worth it!

Thanks to She Science, they are offering all our Running mums an exclusive discount for this week only from Sunday 4th May until the 11th May of 15% off in-store and online. So now you have no excuse not to find the perfect bra! Happy shopping! www.shescience.com.au