1 cup Cous Cous ( I used normal and pearl cous cous mixed together)
boiling water (or chicken stock)
the juice of half a lemon
olive oil
bunch fresh mint
bunch fresh coriander
red onion (I did not have one but it would be yumo so add it in yours)
one cucumber
two tomatoes
salt and pepper to taste
Place Cous Cous in a clean, fresh bowl
Cover with boiling water, or stock until all submerged, add a splash of olive oil and leave for about ten minutes. When liquid is absorbed, mix it with a fork to separate the grains. Cool.
Chop up the fresh mint and coriander. At this moment the smell of the herbs will leave you feeling all summery and wanting to eat healthy. Its really that good.
Chop up the red onion, if you have one (I didn’t) and cucumber and tomatoes in a rustic fashion…
Put the chopped ingredients int the bowl with the Cous Cous and add a squeeze of half a lemon…..YUM
mix all the ingredients together until combined
Season with some salt and pepper and place into a bowl and devour!